Sunday, October 25, 2009

Handmade Purse and Wallet

I am very satisfying with this purse...^_^
Why? because this is my first handmade purse and it looks nice!

The fabric is actually my friend's vest. :P She gave me the vest few years ago because she is not wearing it anymore...It was in the plastic bag sitting in a corner of my room since then, before I turned it into this purse... :)

Note: My friend feel sad when she knew I cut her cloth...haha. She really likes the cloth.

Below is the wallet I made with new fabric. I am not cutting anyone's cloth this time. Nobody will feel sad now. Haha!

This is specially made / designed to suit my need. I need a wallet that is able to arrange my money (notes) properly and is small enough to put into my pocket easily. That's all. :)

The wallets in the market are too big to my small size pocket...just because I am small size human. Hahaha!

Inside, in order to control the thickness, I am just making a note/bill slot, a card slot and a coin pocket. Enough! ^_^


DiahRothman said...

Hello, it has been quite sometimes you made something crafty again. Keep it up girl...!

MnYfoodtalk said...

dont know what to say...hahahahahahahahahaha...

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