Monday, June 1, 2009

Appreciation Gifts

Finally, my friends wedding is over and the presents have given to her bridesmaids...

This time, I am not publishing my craft...but the hardwork of my friend, the bride, and also sharing her good ideas.

The wrapping was done by the bride...very nice, isn't it?
The boxes were bought from shop, but the color matching and the design was done by herself. A thank you message with the name of each bridesmaid, married date and the couple's name was print, cut and stick on the box. Nobody will forget the meaningful date if the box is kept properly. haha! The little bridesmaid (fridge magnet) was stick to a little metal at the back of the that the little bridesmaid can be sticked nicely in the middle of the message...
She is putting all her effort and heart to wrap the gifts...The receivers sure very glad to receive them...
I like it!

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CC said...


Actually the boxes and ribbon i bought from gift shop and asked the sales gal to wrap them for me.. hahahaha..

I just DIY the "Thank You" piece, sticked it on the box, sticked the magnet and sticked the clay doll only..

Anyway, the one who contributed ALOT still is you, Craft Queen.. :)