Monday, February 23, 2009

Lucky Peach

Introducing two different peaches. Guess which is more expensive? The smaller one! Size is not the judging point here. Bigger one is not always more expensive. Smaller one is made with 玉线 (The string used to make Chinese Lucky Knots) while bigger one is just normal yarn. Anyway, which one you like? Ha ha! Keep to yourself, it is subjective.

Time spent to complete each lucky peach: 3 hours

Edited by Happy Craft at 8th March 2009:
Another lucky peach produced...born at 8th March 2009...


Ah Shui said...

I like the small one, as I always like mini one the small one is for me? hehe

Happy Craft said...

You like it? No problem, will give it to you. Cheers! :)